*NEW* Themed Home by Disney|OC|Beaches w/ Yard

Santa Ana
10 guests
4 bedrooms
6 beds
2.0 baths

A Little Touch of Magic is a charming, family- and pet-friendly private home uniquely crafted with a sprinkle of fantasy just for you! 9 miles to Disneyland, 16 miles to Knott's Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City, and 11 miles to the beach, the adorable home is fully-stocked with quality amenities where you can relax, play, or work in four comfy bedrooms, a “kōzi” living room with a beautiful open concept kitchen, a kid’s media/game room, an outdoor dining area, and a large, enclosed back yard.


  • Ac
  • Alfresco dining
  • Allows pets
  • Baking sheet
  • Bed linens
  • Blender
  • Board games
  • Body soap
  • Books
  • Carbon monoxide detector
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  • Ceiling fan
  • Childrens books and toys
  • Childrens dinnerware
  • Cleaning products
  • Coffee
  • Coffee maker
  • Conditioner
  • Cooking basics
  • Dishes and silverware
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Essentials
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Free parking
  • Freezer
  • Garden or backyard
  • Hair dryer
  • Hangers
  • Heating
  • High chair
  • Hot water
  • Hot water kettle
  • Iron
  • Kitchen
  • Laundromat nearby
  • Long term stays allowed
  • Microwave
  • Mini fridge
  • Outlet covers
  • Oven
  • Pack n play travel crib
  • Patio
  • Private entrance
  • Refrigerator
  • Shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Single level home
  • Smoke detector
  • Stove
  • Street parking
  • Toaster
  • Tv
  • Wardrobe or closet
  • Washer
  • Wine glasses
  • Wireless internet

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House Rules

Hey Friends!

We know. We know. Rules totally kill the vibe! BUT in order to ensure you have the “kōziest” stay possible and you know everything there is to know about your new home away from home, we’ve got to lay down some of those kill-joy House Rules. (Boooooo! ☹)

Hey Friends!

We know. We know. Rules totally kill the vibe! BUT in order to ensure you have the “kōziest” stay possible and you know everything there is to know about your new home away from home, we’ve got to lay down some of those kill-joy House Rules. (Boooooo! ☹)

If you don’t understand something or are totally not feeling these rules, please feel free to call Donna in Guest Services and yell at her. It’s all her idea anyway. You can also e-mail her really mean things. Otherwise, we look forward to hosting you and thank you so much for choosing A Little Touch of Magic as your place #AwayToStay.


IMPORTANT: Following are the actions that will ruin our budding friendship and cause immediate eviction from the property, termination of the booking without refund, and a surcharge of $450.00 USD for secured removal from the home. So, we beg you not to do any of these things:
• Have a party or event
• Ignore the quiet hours
• Exceed the maximum number of daytime or overnight guests
• Tamper with the security or internet devices
• Have illegal substances or underage drinking on the property

Additional details about each of these rules can be found in the descriptions below.

1. COMMUNICATION: If booked via Airbnb or Vrbo, please download the app as it is the fastest way to communicate with Donna. If you booked direct, communication will mainly be via e-mail with some texts.

2. RESERVATION CONFIRMATION: Please note your reservation is not confirmed until you validate your identity, sign our rental agreement, and pay any additional fees (such as pet fees). Instructions will be sent to you after reservation approval.

3. CANCELATION POLICY: A Little Touch of Magic maintains a strict cancellation policy. Unlike hotels, we are renting only one awesome space that is off the market for the entire time of the reservation. This limits our ability to rent the home to a new friend, making cancellations costly.

If you are unsure about your trip or worry about potential cancellations due to issues like family emergencies, bad weather, or flight/rental car delays, we highly recommend you get travel insurance. Visit http://www.travelinsurance.com/ for quotes from multiple vendors. (No, we don’t get any kickbacks or anything like that. We are just trying to be helpful. 😊)

4. CHECK-IN: Self check-in is available any time after 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time The door code will be sent at or prior to that time. We will try to accommodate an early check-in if we can but can’t promise availability because our place is so awesooooome that we tend to stay fully booked and, unfortunately, sometimes we have issues with rule #5.

5. CHECKOUT: 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time We know you’ve been having a great time and maybe hanging out a little late, but it is really important you checkout at 11:00 a.m. to allow our housekeeping team adequate time to execute COVID cleaning protocols and prepare the home for our next guest (and maybe even to help us accommodate an early check-in request - see how this works 😉).

Because this is super important to us, failure to checkout on time without prior authorization will result in a surcharge of the base rate for one night. (Note the “prior authorization” part! If you request a late checkout at least 24 hrs in advance, we’ll see what we can work out.) If we lose the next reservation due to an unauthorized late check-out, the guest will be charged the cost associated with losing that reservation. (In other words, the departing guest will be charged what the reserving guest was going to pay.)

Should we discover vomit, urine, feces, or any other biohazard during the check-out cleaning, a surcharge of $150.00 USD will be added for remediation services. (You would think we wouldn’t need to say this but…)

6. GUESTS: The minimum age for the primary guest is 25 years old. Also, the maximum overnight occupancy is 10 guests and the maximum daytime occupancy is 16 guests. A surcharge of $100.00 USD per undeclared guest per night will be applied for unapproved overnight guests. (Now that’s our rule to accommodate for what the city will do to us if they find out there were too many people – yikes!)

7. PARKING: For your convenience, 3-4 cars can fit in the gated driveway in front of the property. There is no garage. If needed, there is additional street parking available. We are in a safe neighborhood, but please remember parking is at your own risk. (The legal folks made us say that. Sorry.) If you want to park a motorhome or boat on the property, please contact us first. We do not allow semi-trucks to park on the property.

8. QUIET HOURS: Please observe the quiet hours below. Everyone needs their beauty rest! (And some folks are trying to sleep off that hangover…no judgement here.)
o Weekdays/Weekends: 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.

9. PARTIES/EVENTS: Out of respect for our neighbors and per the city of Santa Ana (read: so no one goes to jail), no parties, events, gatherings, filming, or photo shoots are allowed. Attempting to use the space for either without prior authorization will result in a surcharge of $450.00 USD, immediate eviction from the property, and termination of the booking without refund. (We are becoming such good friends. Please, please, please don’t let our relationship end like this!)

10. SECURITY: To protect you as our guest and us has hosts (honestly, also because of the violations to rule #9), please note A Little Touch of Magic is equipped with security devices. The first is a privacy-compliant, non-recording noise decibel monitoring system called Minut. It is inside and outside the home and its purpose is to alert us should there be any sustained loud noise in either space. Again, it does not understand what you are saying or record anything. It’s really just to let us know if a DJ starts gettin’ jiggy with it.

The second is security cameras that monitor 100% of the exterior of the property 24/7. There are cameras that capture the front of the property, the entrance, the side entrance, the street, and the backyard. There are absolutely NO cameras or recording devices inside the home. That’s just weird and creepy and we are not trying to make a new version of You for Netflix!

Tampering with or disabling the devices is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in immediate eviction from the property, termination of the booking without refund, and a surcharge of $450.00 USD. Plus, it’s just not cool and would end our relationship on a sour note and we don’t want that.

11. SMOKING/VAPING: We like a good stogie now and then, so we get it. But for the sake of guests that don’t, there is NO smoking or vaping of any substance inside the property. Evidence of any smoking or vaping inside the home will result in a $500.00 USD surcharge for smoke remediation services. (It’s so expensive!) Outside, please dispose of smoking debris. Guests will incur a charge of $5 per butt for cigarette butts or other smoking debris we have to clean up.

12. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: We shouldn’t have to say this, but NO illegal substances are permitted on the property at any time and underage drinking is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction from the property, termination of the booking without refund, and a surcharge of $450.00 USD.

13. CHILDREN: We loooove the babies and gladly welcome you and your children in our home! However, please be aware the home is NOT baby- or child-proofed in any way. (We do provide some child-proofing supplies should you need them.) The guest assumes all liability for their children and their children’s actions during their stay.

14. PETS & ANIMALS: We also loooove dogs and welcome yours in our home with an additional fee of $75.00 USD per dog per stay (one-time fee, not per night). Cats are not permitted. Any non-approved animal will incur a surcharge of $250.00 USD.

We allow a maximum of 2 adult dogs (50 pounds max), but no puppies. Note the following breeds are not allowed as they are not covered by insurance: Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, Chow Chow, Rottweiler, Presa Canario (Canary dog), Akita, Wolf Dogs and Wolf-Hybrids. You are not permitted to leave your dog(s) alone in the home unless they are in a crate. It is not permitted to lock them in a room while you are gone.

Please cover the furniture with designated pet blankets. Also, do not bathe your dog inside the home as the hair can cause issues with plumbing. Last, please pick up after your dog (vomit and feces). A container and baggies will be provided. Failure to clean up after your dog will result in a $20 per pile cleaning fee.

15. OUTDOOR DINING AREA: We hope you are able to unwind in our relaxing outdoor dining area while here. Please remember we have neighbors and be mindful of noise. The use of outdoor or indoor deep fryers (such as fish or turkey fryers) is prohibited. Guests will be held responsible for any damage caused by a deep fryer. (Please don’t burn down our home! 😊)

16. CONSUMABLES: Should any food item be provided by KōziDigs for your enjoyment, KōziDigs does not accept any responsibility for issues that might occur related to those food items, including but not limited to allergies, spoilage, etc. (The legal folks strike again! They won’t let us just be nice to people!) If you would like the consumables such as seasonings and condiments removed, please let us know in advance. Last, items such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc. are provided for your convenience during your stay. Please use only what’s needed.

17. HOUSEKEEPING: We have only one ask. Please refrain from removing makeup using the white towels. We ask that you remove your makeup using the dark towels provided and/or makeup remover wipes. Towels soiled with makeup that cannot be laundered clean will incur a $25.00 USD surcharge and linens soiled with makeup that cannot be laundered clean will incur a $50.00 USD surcharge.

O.K. Two asks. Please leave the property and contents in their original conditions and positions upon departure. (In other words, if you moved furniture around the house, please put it back from where you got it and remember to treat our things as you would your own. Wait! That might not be good enough. Treat them like you would treat your mom’s things. 😉)

18. INTERNET AND UTILITIES: Please note internet and utility services are provided by third-party vendors and, though we do fancy ourselves magicians, we cannot accept responsibility for any vendor- or area-caused internet or utility outages and no refunds will be issued.

19. LOCKS/LIGHTS: Please remember to lock all windows and doors when you leave the home and turn off all lights inside the property when not in use. “Do the earth a favor, be an energy saver!” (Don’t blame us! Blame the National Energy Conservation Day committee for that line! LOL!)

20. MAIL/PACKAGE DELIVERY: Mail and package delivery is not allowed. If you need to have a package shipped to you, the closest Amazon lockers are located at 7-Elleven at 2112 S. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92707, and the closest post office is at 1415 S. Main St., Santa Ana, CA, 92707. You are not permitted to use our address to set up residency, you acknowledge you are renting a short-term rental property, and you acknowledge you will not have tenant rights, no matter the length of your stay. Once your reservation has ended, you will be considered a trespasser.

21. LOST AND FOUND: We will promptly advise you if we find something left behind and hold the item(s) for 24 hours after checkout (unless it’s super cute…just kidding!). After the 24-hour period, the item(s) will be donated. If you would like us to mail the item(s) to you, we will request the cost of shipping.

22. OFF LIMIT AREAS: The hallway closets are locked and are not to be accessed by any guest. Simple enough, no?

23. MAINTENANCE: We thoroughly check to ensure everything is working properly prior to your stay, but should something need maintenance, please immediately contact Donna in Guest Services so we can address the issue as soon as possible and get you back to having an outstanding, “kōzi” time!

24. PROPERTY DAMAGE: We understand that accidents happen. Should there be any damages that occur during your stay, please notify Donna in Guest Services immediately so we might plan how to remedy the situation together. Minor issues can possibly be addressed by our housekeeping and maintenance team. Major issues and/or damaged, lost, or stolen property will need to be assessed and resolved and may result in the primary guest being charged for the repair or replacement value. In addition, excessive damage may result in the primary guest being charged for the relocation or compensation of the incoming guest if check-in is delayed as a result of the damage.

25. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Anyone, including undeclared guests, who enters the property agrees to the house rules and conditions. You are entering the property at your own risk. KōziDigs disclaims any liability and shall not be held responsible for any personal injury, accident, incident, pet injury, death, property damage, or loss. KōziDigs will not be responsible for damages of any kind or any other liability whatsoever arising from or in conjunction with a reservation made through Airbnb, Vrbo, kozidigs.com, or any other booking platform.

Well…that’s it for the kill-joy House Rules. Hopefully that wasn’t too bad. If so, you know who to blame and what to do. 😊 (Don’t worry, she’s paid well to take all of your super helpful feedback.)


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The space
To comfortably host a family of up to 10 overnight guests, A Little Touch of Magic offers:
- 4 Bedrooms (3 Queen, 1 Twin w/ Trundle)
- 1 Queen sleeper sofa
- 2 Bathrooms
- Pack-n-Play with mattress
- High chair
- Open concept, fully-stocked kitchen w/ breakfast bar
- Beverage refrigerator
- Washer & Dryer
- Fenced back yard with outdoor dining area
- Wifi
- Smart TVs (Living room, media room, primary bedroom)
- Gaming system in kid's media room
- Board games
- 3 Gated driveway parking spaces; free street parking
- 9 miles to Disneyland
- 16 miles to Knott's Berry Farm/Knott’s Soak City
- 10 miles to Balboa Island Fun Zone/Newport Beach
- 11 miles to Huntington Beach
- 7 miles to the University of California Irvine
- 12 miles to California State University Fullerton
- 2 miles to Premiere OC Shopping at South Coast Plaza
Guest access
Guests access via smart lock.
Additional notes
Dog Fee: $75/dog/stay (2 dogs <50 lbs. max)

Required for Booking:
- Identity Verified on Platform
- Signed Rental Agreement

Stays of four weeks or more are required to have a complimentary cleaning every two weeks.
Neighborhood overview
Santa Ana is mainly a residential community in sunny California. It is a place for arts and culture, and home to never-before-seen exhibits, world-acclaimed artists, attractions, and classic architecture. It’s known for the pride of its neighborhoods and is a place with soul where diversity brings people together. The city is also close to premier attractions in the California and several local universities: UC Irvine (7 miles), Cal State Fullerton (12 miles), Chapman University (7 miles), and Vanguard University (4 miles). Airports: John Wayne/SNA (4 miles); Long Beach Airport/LBC (23 miles); Los Angeles International/LAX (40 miles).
Getting around
It is recommended you travel by car when visiting Santa Ana, CA.


1950 W. Corporate Way, #52949
Anaheim, CA 92801